"I know what to do,

I just don't do it"

When it comes to your health, you probably know what to do. Now let's DO IT! Stop waiting until tomorrow what you can do today. (Said with love). Book a FREE call to see if I'm the best health coach to support you in your journey to better health.

Well, HELLO Lady!

I'm Susie Spell. Lifestyle & Holistic Health Coach.

"I know what to do, I just don't do it." Well . . . get ready 'cuz we're doing it now!

Did you just spend the last 10, 15, 20 years taking care of EVERYONE but yourself? (Been there, done that!) Don't get me wrong, the kids, and the husband, and the job, and the activities, and ALL the hats you wear are important and let's face it - no one else in the house can find the rogue grey sock except you.

BUT . . . you probably need a little support to finally achieve those health goals. Ya know, get some wind under your "healthy wings" until you can fly solo. To help you quiet that little voice inside your head that always says, "You can eat better tomorrow", but then you don't.

With me by your side as your health coach, I'll cheer you on, stear you back on track, and hold you accountable to the goals YOU set. Vital Transformations is a safe (and super fun) space where you'll reclaim your identity AND your health.

Go ahead! Dust off your bad-ass self and get ready to feel FABULOUS!

It's time for you to prioritize yourself for a change. Your family & friends love you and want you to be your best self. You know I'm right.

I invite you to partner with me - to craft a beautiful vision, set incremental goals to get you there, tap into your strengths, and develop practical strategies that allow you to stay focused and accomplish your goals not matter what the rat race of the day throws at you.

You'll find the change process doable - and even enjoyable - as we use the tenets of Lifestyle Medicine combined with holistic, mind-body practices that allow the unfolding of a deep and rich transformation process.

We'll work together to awaken your body’s innate wisdom to optimize health in the modern era!

Hop over to the “About” page to see why I stand out from the crowd. See you there!

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Hi! My name is Susie Spell.

I'm a nurse practitioner, holistic & lifestyle medicine health coach and owner of Vital Transformations, LLC. My passion is helping you connect the dots between how you live every day and your overall health and well-being. As a health coach, I guide, educate, and support your journey to better health, keeping you accountable to the goals you've set. Stop putting off to tomorrow, what you can do TODAY!